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How To Use Trello For Scrum And Better Teamwork Trello

Get work/life balance strategies for physical and mental health. It’s never been easier to import your Trello work to Jira Work Management. Bring your cross-functional projects into Jira Work Management and unlock more effective collaboration in just a few clicks. With all of these features, Jira Work Management allows teams to collaborate, align, deliver, and report on work–all in one place. Create a foolproof process for moving work forward with Trello’s built-in automation system.

It helps product managers keep track of project tasks, and gives the development teams complete visibility of all their work in one place. With Trello, you can take your software development game to the next level. No matter how big or small your project is, you’re bound to fail without the proper management. Let’s review the stages of creating a simple Trello web development board for your process. No matter the project, workflow, or type of team, Trello can help keep things organized. Discover how any team can be more agile and productive with this popular work style.

Organize your hobbies and personal collections

Trello is a one-stop shop for all of your work that helps reduce digital clutter. Rather than having to switch back and forth between tabs, tools, files, or folders, you can drop in external tool links called Smart Links. These links allow you to view, edit, and collaborate on pages from tools like Google Docs, Confluence, and Jira from within Trello. When you can work from one centralized place, you boost productivity, completing tasks on time and ensuring no work gets lost or forgotten. Keep calm and boost productivity with Trello and Jira Work Management—get the best of both worlds when organizing your to-do lists and managing multiple projects. To make sure that nothing falls through the cracks—including your sanity—for deadlines and tasks, you need the right work management tools at your disposal.

With Scrum, teams always have real-time progress on projects categorized by “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” Everyone can see if that blog post, web page, or app is in progress, or in the queue. You can also use this same power up and parent-child relationship to track dependencies between your cards. One of the challenges of this power-up is that the documentation is not great, and you are limited to the one link type of parent and child.

Get the best of both worlds with Trello and Jira Work Management

Software developer and entrepreneur Simon Purdon uses Trello to track his quarterly goal initiatives. By breaking the big intimidating goals into smaller actionable tasks he can work on every day, it’s easier for him to achieve his annual goals. You could simply keep a vertical running list of book titles in a note—or add more organization by creating cards for each book in Trello.

using trello for software development

Trello’s Strategy AI power-up (created by Chinchilla Software) helps you cross-tag projects and tasks, get visibility into workloads and measure strategic progress. There’s also another power-up created by ChaptGPT that will provide writing assistance. Managers and team members can see the multiple steps of any project, and quickly assess tasks completed, work to be done, and see what’s been assigned to whom. Trello brings your team’s favorite dev tools together by integrating with top solutions like GitHub. The GitHub Power-Up makes it easy to track commits, pull requests, and issues right from the Trello board you use to manage your software development projects.

Who should use Trello?

For example, Mackenzie Kincaid uses Trello to develop book ideas, track submissions, and explore short story markets by genre. Trello’s there to help you organize your collection and hobby. The tool is flexible enough to adapt to whatever interest you want to track visually.

using trello for software development

Map out a Kanban workflow for your team on Trello for more fluid delivery pipelines.

Get started with Trello today

Whether it’s an organization of 20 or 2,000, Trello grows alongside your ever-changing team with features for every step of the way. While for now, you’re probably sticking to virtual gatherings, you might still find yourself planning for the big day. That way, it will be smooth sailing from the moment your guests arrive. Copy Trello’s job search sample board to customize it for your own job hunt. Trello makes it simple to both organize your favorite recipes and plan out a week’s worth—or even months’ worth—of meals. Create from scratch or link existing Jira issues to Trello cards.

  • My One Sweet Life’s Antoinette uses Trello to capture all of the tasks she wants to complete on a daily basis when it’s time to deep clean her house.
  • For instance, update the card description, attach files, or include relevant links.
  • And we didn’t look for yet another tool for this, Jira came to the rescue again.
  • Every single member of your team needs to know exactly what everyone is working on at any given time.
  • There are a lot of moving parts (and key players) to software development.
  • Stay on top of due dates from the day to day and beyond with Calendar view.

Time tracking isn’t just for people who need to invoice by time spent or fill out timesheets for their boss—it’s one of the best ways to increase your personal and professional productivity. Learn how Trello’s Scrum features and tools make it essential for Agile development and project sprints. Try an Agile Sprint board template from our Engineering template collection to manage complex IT projects.


Individual contributions to the end goal are delegated to members of the team. If your team’s projects center around ambiguous goals, you may not be ready to dive into Scrum. Discover Trello’s flexible features trello for software development and integrations designed to help your team’s productivity skyrocket to new heights. While rolling out new products and features is essential to the customer experience, so is maintaining what’s already built.

using trello for software development

Jira Work Management is where you can manage the actual project work, from planning to delivery to reporting. You can create a new project in Jira Work Management, add tasks and subtasks, customize additional project info, then add deadlines and assignees to each action item. From there, you can manage the entire project in Jira Work Management and customize your workflows and automations as needed. Using Trello Enterprise to facilitate IT tasks makes it simple to organize and build out each component and responsibility of your department. Not only do we help make IT project management painless, we do it while maintaining the type of security that IT teams love. Gone are the days of searching through countless email threads for the nugget of information you need.

Add clarity with color-coded labels

To select the best AI project management tools, we consulted product documentation and user reviews. We consider factors such as pricing, free trials, availability of AI features, user interface design and customer support. We also consider features such as writing and editing assistance, risk factor assessment, project summary generation and project plan creation. Jumpstart your progress with one of our ready-to-use Trello board templates for projects like video production, risk reports, or inventory management, or start from scratch and make your own. Create a free account and you’re in the business of getting more organized. For starters, Trello is your software bestie to organize, sort, plan, and collaborate on…well…anything.

As a manager, I can chunk [processes] down into bite-sized pieces for my team and then delegate that out, but still keep a bird’s-eye view. Jump-start your workflow with a proven playbook designed for different teams. Onboarding to a new company or project is a snap with Trello’s visual layout of to-do’s, resources, and progress tracking.

Jira for High-level project management (Project Central)

Brittany Joiner, a Trello nerd who writes on Substack, uses Trello to create a card for every person she’s planning to buy a gift for. She inserts links to online products, adds pictures, and writes notes to keep track of her progress. That way, she could complete an entire course outline at least two weeks before exams and have plenty more time for revisions. Finally, we created a shared Trello board showing all of the tasks, who each was assigned to, and the status. It cleared up all of the confusion and made the rest of the process much less stressful for everyone.

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