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TOYOTA ත් යන්නම යයි….

ලෝක ප්‍රකට ටොයොටා සමාගමේ සභාපතිවරයා අභාවප්‍රාප්ත වෙයි.

ජපන් මෝටර් රථ නිෂ්පාදකයන්ගේ ප්‍රමුඛ පෙළේ ගෝලීය සමාගමක් වන Toyota Motors හි ගෞරවනීය සභාපති Shoichiro Toyoda අඟහරුවාදා (14) හෘදයාබාධයකින් මිය ගිය බව සමාගම පවසයි. අභවප්ප්‍රාප්ත වන විට ඔහු 97වෙනි වියෙහි පසු විය.

මේ ඒ් පිළිබඳ ජාත්‍යන්තර වාර්තාවක උපුටනයකි

Toyota announced today that Shoichiro Toyoda has died of heart failure at the age of 97. A funeral service will be held for close family, but the automaker says it plans to hold a farewell gathering to honor the long-serving executive at a later date. Shoichiro Toyoda is survived by his son Akio Toyoda who stepped down as Toyota’s CEO last month but still serves as chairman of the board.

The son of Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda, Shoichiro Toyoda was still serving as Toyota’s honorary chairman at the time of his death. Reuters reports that Toyoda joined his father’s company in 1952, and is arguably responsible for the success of the Toyota Motor Corporation that we know today. In addition to his dedication to build quality and reliability, he was also responsible for the creation of Lexus and the original Prius.

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